We are specialized in the gold plating of jewelry from small to medium sized jewelry manufacturers. Many years of cooperation with partners from the jewellery industry have shown that, that often the needs of smaller jewellery manufacturers cannot be satisfactorily met by large industrial plating. We close this gap and offer you comprehensive customer individuality and flexibility. We can process small jewellery deliveries within two working days. In addition, gold plating is possible from a piece of jewellery without the calculation of a minimum order amount.

The processing time of your delivery depends on the quantity delivered. Smaller quantities up 200 We refine parts within 2 business days. amounts of 200-500 Parts can be delivered within 4 gold plating on weekdays. For larger delivery quantities we require a processing time of 5 to 10 business days.
By the way, you can here announce your order online. This way we can perfectly schedule your order and you will get your gold-plated jewellery back faster..

We gold plating from a piece of jewellery. We do not charge a minimum order value.

The sooner we know about your delivery, the sooner we can plan your order and your order will be processed and returned accordingly faster.

Therefore we have developed for you our Order Wizard. Enter the type and quantity of the jewellery and the date of posting.. You will then receive an e-mail, which you print out and enclose as a delivery note for your shipment to fruittune.

Currently, delivery is only possible by post.. If you still want to deliver your goods in person, please contact us at 030-23-53-95-77.

We are happy to have your delivery by DHL pick. Please contact us to 030-23-53-95-77.

Besides our high quality gold plating, our claim is simplicity and flexibility.. We would like, that you know from the beginning, what specific costs you will incur. That is why we offer you fixed prices for gold plating. Here you will find our price list.

If your goods are missing from the price list, please inform us under 030-23-53-95-77 or info@fruittune.de.

The shipping costs by DHL 6,99, per DHL Express 25,00 EUR.

The collection from you costs 25,00 EUR.



phone number:
reachability: 10-15 Clock
Email: info@fruittune.de