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NEW: We collect your jewellery worldwide and take care of the customs import to Germany, with subsequent gold-plating and return shipment to you.

Excerpt of our business customers

Excerpt of our business customers

You are a business customer?
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Small delivery quantities

We attach great importance to every single piece of jewellery and would like to offer you the highest flexibility. Therefore, we gild already from a piece of jewelry without the calculation of your order amount.

Flexible processing time

Sometimes it has to be particularly fast. We know this. Therefore we can offer you even faster processing times if required- and delivery times for the gold plating of your jewellery.. Talk to ask us to.

Online assignment

You can order your gilded with us announce online. This allows us to better plan your delivery time and work faster. In addition, you will always be kept up to date with your order.


Our goal is, the best quality of gold your jewelery and therefore your complete satisfaction. Her gilded jewelry to be perfect and durable. That is our aim. Means we gild the electroplating process jewelry at the highest level. This is how we reconcile your requirements with the results of our work.


Responsible treatment of our environment is important to us. The gold we use is recycled and contains neither directly nor indirectly conflict materials. We can therefore offer you a fair, guarantee peaceful and sustainable use of our gold. Our shipping is as environmentally friendly as possible.


They have extensive expertise in the design and creation of your jewelry. We put all our know-how in the field of functional coating at your service. Our common goal is perfectly gilded jewellery, whose uniqueness is underlined by its gold plating. We see ourselves as a perfect part of your artistic-creative work.


"Jewelry is not there, to arouse envy - at best amazement" (Coco Chanel)
A piece of jewellery reaps amazement and admiration, when its surface is perfect. We know, that you as jewellery designer and label always have this in mind. You want to implement the surface perfectly. After your creation you give your special piece of jewellery into our hands. We as professional metal refiners understand your piece of jewellery. Back to get it perfect gold - unique and fascinating. We're glad, to be the perfect electroplating partner for many jewellery designers and small labels.


Also silver jewelry can gild and dignified decorate your carrier. You can experience an additional fascination through rhodination. Beautiful Rays and pure aesthetics let us also astonished. The wafer-thin coating of rhodium sulphate gives your jewellery made of silver and silver alloys more shine, is more durable and easier to clean. Here too we are your professional partner, to complete your piece of jewellery.

Rosé Gold

It is the most noble sister of pink gold. Due to its low copper content and increased gold content, rose gold looks particularly precious and gives your piece of jewellery extravagance and individuality.. She is very demanding and only wants to be applied to jewellery by experienced artists.. We can truly call ourselves rose gold artists. We understand the importance of the perfect pink gold tone, of his statement and emotion.


We are the fruittune GmbH. Your exclusive and modern wage Electroplating. We gild jewelry for jewelry Labels, Jewelers and jewelery designers. Through our years of experience we respond precisely to the needs of our customers. since 2014 we are developing steadily and are now a modern electroplating companies.

since 2016 we have specialize in close partnerships with jewelry label and jewelry designer to lead. So we put our services precisely with the wishes of our customers and achieve a satisfactory cooperation. We know, that your special jewellery deserves special treatment and gold plating.

We dust off the old and historically dominated industry and show, as with high flexibility, modern processes and customer focus at the present time is gold plated jewelry.

2017 we have expanded our expertise in the engraving of jewelry. So we have now under Juwelle customers engrave jewelry. Another project called Mania.Design came in the middle 2018 to. This has the fruittune GmbH 1. opened print-on-demand platform for jewelry, complete offer of B2C clientele to its specialization in the engraving and the ability to give customers to personalize jewelry by engraving more.

Talk to us as a B2B customer, if we are to engrave your jewelry. We will then send you an offer and look forward to a profitable collaboration.

Request free trial gold

To familiarize yourself with our service and quality, we offer you the free gold plating of a small piece of jewelry. Simply send us a request via e-mail and jewel of fruittune GmbH, Regensburger Straße 25, 12309 Berlin.