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Excerpt of our business customers

Excerpt of our business customers

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The fruittune GmbH then started UG 2015 as a modern contract electroplater. We gild jewelry for jewelry Labels, Jewelers and jewelery designers. since 2014 we are developing steadily and are now a modern electroplating companies.

since 2016 we have specialize in close partnerships with jewelry label and jewelry designer to lead. So we put our services precisely with the wishes of our customers and achieve a satisfactory cooperation. We know, that your special jewellery deserves special treatment and gold plating.

We dust off the old and historically dominated industry and show, as with high flexibility, modern processes and customer focus at the present time is gold plated jewelry.

2017 we have expanded our expertise in the engraving of jewelry. So we have now under Juwelle customers engrave jewelry. Another project called Mania.Design came in the middle 2018 to. This has the fruittune GmbH 1. opened print-on-demand platform for jewelry, complete offer of B2C clientele to its specialization in the engraving and the ability to give customers to personalize jewelry by engraving more.